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4 Steps to Health

Did you know there are 884 toxic ingredients in products you use everyday?

Did you know that of the more than 80,000 chemicals sold in the marketplace, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has required testing on fewer than 200 chemicals for their toxicity?

According to Samuel Epstein, M.D. there is strong scientific evidence that the cancer epidemic is due to avoidable exposure to industrial carcinogens in the totality of the environment – air, water, soil , workplaces, as well as consumer products, notably, food, toiletries, cosmetics and household products – and even some common prescription drugs.

Don Colbert, MD, author of Toxic Relief, states, “Everyday we are exposed to thousands of toxins, and they are slowly accumulating in our body.

You have control over your own and your family’s exposure to toxic ingredients in your own home. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your health and prevent illness because you don’t have to change your behavior. You just have to switch to nontoxic products.

Rethinking how we clean our homes is the most logical place to begin to make environmental and health changes. Environmental factors contribute to many extremely serious health issues. We are not helpless. Take action as a consumer. It doesn’t cost more to clean with products without toxic ingredients. In fact, it costs less. Below you will learn how to save about $300/year in cleaning products. The ones recommended are actually cheaper than anything you can buy in the marketplace.