Fit to Live Today

How to have more energy

energyDo you want to become a more energetic, creative and vital person?

You have only so much energy. How do you want to spend it?
Do you want to spend energy having fun and being creative
or being sick and in pain?

You choose how you spend your energy. Stress detracts from your energy supply. You need to recognize what stressors you are spending your energy on. Then, you need to decide whether you want to continue to do so.

Think of your energy supply like a bank account. Unhealthy behaviors cause your body to draw on your energy account. If you continue an unhealthy lifestyle, you will keep drawing on your energy account until your get a non-sufficient funds notice and you get sick. This can only happen for so long, and then your account will close completely… you will die!

Negative stressors in your life withdraw from your energy supply. You decide what stresses you want in your life. If you eliminate them and begin a healthier lifestyle, you will free up energy to be creative, fun and vital. For example, years ago, before I began exercising aerobically, I had a resting pulse of 80 beats per minute. Now I have a resting pulse of 53. My heart beats 38,880 fewer times a day than before. By becoming physically fit, I expend far less energy than I used to, just doing everyday activities. This frees up an enormous amount of energy to do things other than haul my body around.

Stress comes from three different areas:
1. Physical
2. Chemical
3. Mental/Emotional
Physical stressors are:
1. Poor physical condition
2. Obesity
3. Poor posture (adds 3 times as much biomechanical stress to your body)
4. Poor mechanics when lifting(lifting improperly adds 20 times as much biomechanical stress)
5. Poorly designed furniture and equipment
Chemical stressors are:
1. Smoking, alcohol and drug use
2. Caffeine
3. Poor nutrition (high fat, sodium, sugar and calorie intake, low in fiber and complex carbohydrates)
4. Polluted water and air
5. Foods high in preservatives
6. Toxic ingredients in our personal care products.
Mental/Emotional stressors are:
1. Poor self concept
2. Giving yourself to negative messages(i.e. “I am fat” rather than “I am becoming slimmer every day”)
3. Grief over loss of a loved one or job
4. Poor work or relationships
5. Looking at problems as crisis rather than opportunities
6. Inability to say no
7. Lack of balance in your life, not enough fun and recreation
8. Dysfunctional life patterns

Action Step : Compile a list of Physical, Chemical and Mental/Emotional stressors right now.

The stressors on this list detract from your energy supply. You can change many of these stressors.

Which ones are you ready to change?

There are some stressors we can’t do anything about. For example, if you are experiencing grief over the loss of a loved one, it is crazy to think you won’t feel emotional pain. You need to go through the grief process. When your are going through extremely emotionally stressful times, control your physical and chemical stressors. This frees up energy to handle the grief more effectively. In other words, makes sure you exercise and eat nutritious foods when you are under stress. This will help reduce the total amount of stress you are feeling.

You always have control over how you spend your energy and how much total stress you allow in your life. Stress control begins by eliminating one of the stressors that depletes your energy supplies. By doing so, you have just taken the first step on the path to becoming a more creative, vital and healthy human being.

Once you recognize what is depleting your energy reserve and take care of them one by one, you have the opportunity to experience more environmental, physical and mental abundance than ever before.

You will have the energy to go after your goal. That’s an incredible reward.