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What is Stress

What is Stress?
manstressorStress is the body’s reaction to the demands of life. People tend to think of stress as only negative but even positive events can cause stress. Stress is neither good nor bad. It is just a physiological response to life’s events.

A caveman or woman had three responses if it faced danger, fight, flight or freeze. This allowed his or her body to be primed in seconds to do more than normally expected of it. This alarm (stress) response worked well for early man whenever he was faced with a life-threatening change in his environment. Modern man has the same stress response. However, our “attackers” are primarily emotional – deadlines, traffic jams, bills, childcare hassles, not enough time, etc. Even though it is not appropriate or effective to fight or take flight in response to these modern stressors, our bodies tend to respond to all threats physical or emotional, real or perceived, in this way.