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Dr. Mom – Create a Healthy Medicine Cabinet

cabinetAre You Investing in Being Sick?

Many of the common products found in your medicine cabinet contain toxins known to cause side effects. Medicines have their place, however, review the list below of therapeutic grade essential oils for viable natural alternatives that support and boost your body’s immune system as well as aiding it in detoxifying.


In his book, What Your Doctor May not Tell You About Breast Cancer, John Lee, M.D. states, “We believe taking a more prudent approach to the use of over-the-counter and prescription medications may reduce your risk of breast and other cancers.”  Read the fine print about potential side effects of your medications and explore alternatives that may be appropriate.  Weigh the risks and benefits.    My hormones were so out of whack, which led me to having breast cancer.  I will no longer put hormone disrupting chemicals on my body.

 Young Living Essential Oils meet ISO and AFNOR International Quality Standards for therapeutic grade.  They are a great alternative to over-the-counter drugs.    You can create your own healthy medicine cabinet with the products below.

According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration the leading cause of acute liver failure is acetaminophen overdose. Even short-term, high –dose acetaminophen usage has its risks.   Children’s Tylenol has been recalled several times in the last couple of   years.


Try Peppermint oil. It will lower a fever in 20 minutes, as well as, stop hot flashes. Deep Relief, PanAway, Aroma Siez, Wintergreen and Peppermint essential oils are great for sore muscles and joint pain with out the hormone disrupting ingredients found in over-the-counter pain medications.


If you are not sleeping well, inhale Lavender, Peace & Calming, Tranquil or StressAway essential oils to relax without sleep aids.


Lemon – antiseptic, cleansing, antibacterial (put on tissue and wipe   toilet seats in public restrooms,10-15 drops in a 4 oz. spray bottle of distilled water and spritz airline seats, hotel bedspreads and bathrooms, use as insect repellent: 20 drops in rinse water of laundry to kill microbes, 1-2 drops in drinking water to improve immune system and increase body alkalinity. Diffuse to invigorate yourself as well as repelling molds and   bacteria.

Lavender for headaches, bumps, bruises, burns, aiding relaxation  – a few drops on pillow or under nose to promote drowsiness, reduces cramp discomfort and has been known to stop premature labor. Antitumoral. Women have rubbed a few drops under breasts and underarms, morning and evening, to help reduce problems. Headaches – rub a few drops on temples, forehead, crown and back of head, toes (if practical) and then breathe in deeply the aroma from your cupped hands for a few minutes.

Peppermint for indigestion, nausea, sore muscles, headaches, respiratory conditions, reduces fever, sinus congestion/headaches,   bronchitis, improves neurological function. Peppermint & Wintergreen   have 3X the pain relieving ingredients as Ben Gay without the toxic ingredients.

Panaway for pain and achy muscles. Rub on warts.

Deep Relief is great for muscle & joint pain.

Purification – insect bits, bee stings, non-toxic insect repellent (mix 10-20 drops with massage/carrier oil or 4 oz. of distilled water in   spray bottle). Diffuse in home, office, stable, etc. – repels viruses, bacteria, mold and dust mites.

Melrose for cuts and scrapes,1-2 drops on cotton ball and place in ear to soften ear wax to aid in removal of wax build-up.

Oregano – strep throat, staff infection, anti-inflammatory.

Lemongrass – tendon and ligament concerns.

R C for respiratory conditions, decongestant, asthma, bronchitis, bone spurs.

Raven for respiratory conditions, asthma.

Lavaderm spray for burns and sunburns.

Exodus II flu, colds, strep throat, laryngitis, improves immune system.

Thieves repels viruses, colds, flu, sinus, strep throat, laryngitis, improves immune system, canker sores, cold sores, athletes feet/toe fungus.   Rubbing on bottom of feet aids in the prevention of contracting various viruses and bacteria at work, schools and daycare.

DiTone for nausea, rids body of parasites, colic in babies.

Wintergreen for bumps, bruises, earaches, sore muscles or joints (natural cortisone).

Exodus or ImmuTune flu, colds, fevers, improves the immune system, anti-oxidant (Exodus and ImmuTune together are a powerful   combination to improve immune system).

Warts – Panaway, ImmuPower

Removal of mole, skin tags – Frankincense

Pink eye – use Purification, 3 Wise Men, ImmuPower (dilute 1 drop to 10 drops vegetable oils and apply toperimeter (around eye).   Do not put on eye or eye lid.

Diarrhea – Put in gel cap 1 drop of DiTone or Thieves with vegetable oil. Rub DiTone or peppermint over stomach. Good idea to do the cleansing trio (ComforTone, ICP, Essentialzyme).

Travel sickness – 4 drops each of  peppermint and ginger, mix in 1 oz. massage oil and rub on chest and stomach before traveling. Heartburn, gas, bloating, flatulence – put several drops of lemon in water and sip slowly. Drink 1 drop of peppermint or1 tsp AlkaLime in 6-8 oz. water. For long-term effect, to make your body more alkaline, take Mint Condition, Essentialzyme, AlkaLime and Life 5 for 30 days.

Headaches – Rub essential oil on temples, jaw, crown of head and base of skull and big toe (big to has acupuncture points or your head). If it is a tension headache try lavender.   If it is a sinus headache try peppermint.

For Migraine, try M-Grain.  –  Migraines under control at a fraction of the cost:  “I used to use a prescription that cost $400 a month, and it didn’t work for my migraines. Then, I switched to Young   Living’s M-Grain essential oil blend and was amazed at how much better it   handled the pain. Once the pain was gone, it was GONE. With the prescriptions, the headache would reoccur for the next couple of days.   M-Grain works wonderfully. I apply two drops to the temples and three drops on the brain stem. It is such a relief to get these horrible headaches under control – and I am no longer damaging my liver with prescription medications.   Jan Doer

Upset stomach – Rub a few drops of peppermint oil over stomach and on the bottom of your left foot in the middle (This is the acupressure point for stomach). You can also put 1 drop of peppermint oil in a large glass of water and slowly sip.

Head Lice – The ingredients found in the products at the drug store are very carcinogenic (causing cancer). Here is a safe alternative:

Mix in 1 tsp. massage or vegetable oil;

2 drops eucalyptus essential oil

1 drop lavender essential oil

1 drop geranium essential oil

Massage into scalp leave for ½ hour.    Shampoo and Rinse well.  Keep combing out nits every day!

Antiseptic rinse:

2 drops eucalyptus essential oil

2 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops geranium essential oil

½ ounce vinegar

8 oz. water

Pour over hair making sure every hair is rinsed. Dry naturally.   Repeat daily until lice and eggs are gone.

Also good idea to put vegetable oil with essential oils over entire scalp, place plastic wrap and shower cap over. Have children sleep in it.  Then wash with shampoo above. This will get rid of lice quickly.   I found covering head essential oil and & olive oil mixture, wrapping the head in plastic wrap and covering with a stocking cap and let the kids sleep all night with this, killed them in 24 hours.

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