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Essential Oils – Quality Matters

Essential Oils – Quality Matters!

Is there a difference in essential oil quality? Yes! 95% of essential oils sold are adulterated. How do you tell what is safe in an unregulated industry? I contacted essential oil companies to see if they met my quality standards:

  1. Company tests every batch and has 3rd party (independent lab) certify that the essential oils meet international standards established for essential oils.
  2. Plants are grown without pesticides.
  3. Company is holistic and does not use any toxic ingredients in any of their products. Companies who sell essential oils often sell skin and hair care products, deodorants, etc. I ask for their ingredients list of these products. If they have toxic ingredients or ones that are carcinogenic, then I know they don’t walk their talk. They don’t have a company culture promoting quality and practicing a holistic approach to health. They may say their product is natural but if they have ingredients that damage my health I’m not interested in being their customer.
  1. Company has own farms and produce many of their own essential oilsand has a quality system in place to ensure quality standards are being met. No company that has an extensive line of essential oils grows all their own plants. There are certain areas in the world that you can get certain essential oils, however if a company has its own farms and distillation right there, they have a lot more control of the quality of essential oil that is produced. A quality system, where they have on-site inspections and testing for all of their essential oils sources, is critical to ensure their quality procedures are followed. If they don’t have this there is no way they can guarantee good quality.


The only company that I have found that meets these criteria is Young Living. I’ve been very impressed with their commitment to quality and their customer service. I have never found a company before that I could recommend any of their products without hesitation because of their high standards and quality. Check out their quality system – Seed to Seal:


frankFrankincense resin that is sold in Somalia costs between $30,000 and $35,000 per ton. To properly distill Frankincense requires approximately 12 hours releasing all the healing constituents. Frankincense oil that sells for $25 per ounce is invariably made in a cheaper process (high temp/short time to keep expense down) and they are “cut” with synthetics to keep cost down too. Another huge caution is the distilling vats are cleaned with solvents adding toxicity to the oil. Proctor and Gamble uses twice as much essential oil as is produced in the entire world. Just because it says, “100% pure therapeutic grade” doesn’t mean anything in the cosmetic arena. In the U.S. only 5% real oil needs to be present to be labeled 100% therapeutic.


Cheap, synthetic, diluted oils are potentially toxic. Therefore, it is very important that you use only high quality essential oils from a trusted source. Fit to Live has tough quality criteria for selecting products. Anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your blood stream in 26 seconds. You want pure products!

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