Fit to Live Today



I put Tranquil roll-on on either side of my face along my hair line and along the back of my neck at the base of my skull before I go to bed. No more laying in bed with my brain going 50 miles per hour. I also noticed that I have wake up in the morning with a relaxed jaw. No more clenching my teeth at night.                                                                                                                            Vicki Dau

frankLumps in breasts gone

I had my mammogram today and both lumps have disappeared! I had one in each breast and they are completely gone. I was using Frankincense on them daily and I guess it worked! Thank you so much


I had great luck getting my hormones back in line with the Progessence + after my hysterectomy.



And my son that couldn’t fight the wart virus (had them all over his hands and feet and was having them laser burned off) Thieves seriously made them magically disappear pain free. We used it on the warts and on the bottoms of his feet. I’m guessing it did something to his immune system.




Sinus Infection

Oh and here’s one I tried…I had a sinus infection that I had taken antibiotics 3 times for and couldn’t wipe it out. I was so miserable. So I did a search and tried Purification and Thieves essential oils blend on q-tips and you put it right up your nose. Burns like heck, but completely cleared it up in 2 days! I’ve had great luck with a lot of things and some not so much, but that’s expected.


I love the oils vs medicine.



Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. My husband has been skeptical of essential oils, but will ask for them on occasion. His run-in with Plantar fasciitis was so painful that he asked for help. I looked on this site and found the testimonial using RC and wintergreen and he applied them. Two applications later his symptoms were gone. It was so rapid that I was quite surprised.

A few weeks later my friend was limping and said she was hardly able to walk from Plantar fasciitis. I gave her the same blend to try and received a note from her this morning that she is nearly pain free after suffering for more than three months with severe pain. She practices natural healing on a regular basis, but was thoroughly surprised by having a remission in just two days of using the oil. Even the first application she could tell her body was responding to it.                                                                                    Peggy Fairborne


Muscle spasm healed in minutes

This past weekend, my husband and I went from a costume party in Orange County to Disneyland on Friday night. We had an awesome time at Disneyland all day Saturday. We hadn’t been on the new Space Mountain – boy is it fast! During the day, while taking a break, I felt myself pull a muscle in my side. Not thinking it was anything too serious, we continued playing at Disneyland until the park closed at Midnight.

The next morning, I got out of bed and had the worse muscle spasm of my life. It was difficult to breathe, turn to wash my back or raise my hands above my head to wash my hair…and yes, I cried a little in the shower, it was sooo bad.

For a few minutes, I thought about going home. It was so painful. My husband rubbed Trauma Life on me for the spasms, followed by Valor to re-align my energy, followed by Pan Away to relieve the pain. I kid you not. Within minutes, it was like I had never had a muscle spasm. And yes….we got another day at Disneyland out of it! I even went on Indiana Jones – a very physically challenging ride.

Everyday that I share these oils with friends, family and clients, I am reminded of the miracle of Young Living.

Carol Cohen


marjoranMy husband recently had a very severe muscle spasm in the hamstrings of his right leg. Nothing we tried helped until I remembered ‘Marjoram is for muscles’! Normally, I would have tried one drop, but the spasm was so severe that I just started sprinkling the oil into the palm of my hand. I used four or five drops of marjoram to massage the whole area, and the spasm began to release. Within 60 seconds, the spasm was completely gone. What was really incredible to me was that the next day he had absolutely no soreness in his leg!
Carol Miller